Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

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    Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

    Post by Arro on 5/5/2013, 7:12 pm

    So everyone, finally got some new information on Closers!

    For the longest time now we have been in what seems like in eternal never ending spacious well of dark empty bastion of hope on some actual ''News'' on the status of Closers!!!

    Here is what Naddic games have been working on so far!
    I hope you are as happy as I was when I saw a new pic from the developers of Closers Online's twitter Smile


    ... Wait, what?
    Is that... Iron Man? A-are you serious?

    Not only am I serious, but looks like they were having some great fun with their Iron Man cake!!!
    Latest news from Naddic themselves Smile
    ...You can't blame them though, that is one awesome cake...

    On to some real news.

    It would seem that a certain Closer has been leaving behind her traces.

    Not much information regarding the picture is revealed, although we can assume Closers Online has been receiving some amount of hype lately.
    Along with this picture is a new BGM track for the game.
    I was not a fan of the trailer and main theme, but this one I recommend hearing!


    That or a really really unfortunate accident including a pothole and inexperienced bus driver has occurred.
    (My wishes towards the injuried.)

    Lastly and the most relevant ''News'' naddic has announced.

    Naddic has released which much anticipated promise of a Closed Beta for Closers Online sometime this Fall!

    Yes you you read correctly.
    Plans for CBT are scheduled for September, and latest plans for October.
    You can rest those anxious bodies of yours now with some good word of a possible beta to release this year!

    It is not concrete, but it is something they plan to achieve within the next 6 months.
    Meaning we can expect more trailers, screenshots and more ''News'' (And less Iron Man 3 cakes) regarding the game very soon!
    (Many of this is based off speculation, but ideas on when to expect the games release are much more accurate now!)

    That is all for now Fellow Closers.
    Check back daily for the latest information.

    Oh I almost forgot.
    Naddic games seem to be looking for any aspiring or veteran individuals with at least 2 years of experience in Cinematic Effects and Rendering.
    If you speak Korean(recommended) and this interests you check onto this site and submit your resume.


    That concludes this my Unofficial Official Announcements of the day!

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    Re: Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

    Post by Arro on 6/29/2013, 10:52 am

    Yo there peoples hows are you!
    Are you ready for Arro's Announcements update Numero 2?
    What?... You don't care?
    Welp it's gonna happen anyway so :p

    Look at all this ''Newness'' with the new font boxes! It's so.... professional! And look at all the pretty colours we get to choose from!!!!
    Beyond that we are still in the dark with managements of the site with the incredibly stark presence of the Admin's and Moderator's.
    Luckily i'm all out of complaints for them...
    (They need to get off of that Nexon support status though.)

    So it's been a month since my last update and not much has happened. Got a job, didn't go, effed up the 内部 of my car which I fixed immediately.
    And school's starting in less than 2 weeks so that's gonna be... interesting.
    Enough about me though...

    Time for updates!!!
    Thanks to a certain banned/inactive administrator relevant info on Closers has caught my attention!( Yes I know I should present all info but I really wasn't able to do much with

    ... I mean it looks nice.
    But it's fan art... And it's already been posted up on the site.
    Ah let's just face it, i've been a no good lazy bum and a half... Forgive me! i'll try a little harder.

    You guys can hate me later though, for now! i'd like to hit a keystone of major updates for Closers!!
    I'd like to introduce~
    Our 5th playable character!!!

    ... Or our 5th playable character's... back?
    This, uhh... Child (who's gender is currently indeterminable) is definitely the silhouette from the official site... but what can I go on with this? Nice legs? The chain on the weapon makes it look awesome though. Oh i'm rambling.
    Naddic has included the title ''Black Sheep'' via twitter along with this picture of our spear-wielding ally, but it isn't clear as to what ''Black Sheep'' was meant for.
    It could be the New Character's alias or codename, or possibly what this character refers to officially... Which is still calling it an alias. My guess is that ''Black Sheep'' was just the title of the Closers, meaning all of them will be referred to as ''Black Sheep''.
    In any case Naddic has withheld much information regarding our young companion, and will let us know more in the near future.
    Z will be used to interact with NPC's, would it be safe to assume much of the functions will resemble those of Elsword?
    That's a weird thing to jump straight to saying. Honestly i'm just done with this picture. I wanted to just showcase the new character but I cannot leave out the little things like interactions and scenery..
    Oh look, a motorcycle(scooter) on the right. And a bench to the left...

    Hahah, here are a few more pics posted on naddic's twitter.
    i'll return once i've translated the posts and have a better attitude on posting. Time for a snack!!!

    How can i get something to eat with no car or money..

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    Re: Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

    Post by SehaLee on 6/30/2013, 11:05 pm

    Based on the picture, I assume it's Chung's counter part, girly looks and wielding a big lance/cannon.

    As with Seha's hybrid gunsword, I think he/she features a lance that can shoot explosive projectiles making his game play more like a slow artillery type character.

    A - Explosions?
    S - Jumps up and slams lances in a 45 degree lunge.
    D - 3 stabs?
    Z - No idea
    X - Wonder wall?
    Y - Lunatic Fury?

    Speculations o.o

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    Re: Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

    Post by PizzaRice on 7/3/2013, 5:19 pm

    That weapon is either a lance or oddly enough, an umbrella. Either pretty sweet looking.
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    Re: Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

    Post by Terra Sugoka on 7/4/2013, 7:01 am

    That character oddly looking familiar to me just by looking at that character i remember soul worker .-.

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    Re: Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

    Post by Sausage on 8/28/2013, 8:01 pm

    Sup bros and broettes. Don't look so down -- I know news on Closers has been pretty thin as of late. Since our regular informant Arro seems to be taking some time off, I took it upon myself to find something that might pep you up a little. Here's a juicy picture might have missed from Naddic's twitter account.

    It seems like a headshot of the character teased in Arro's post earlier. If you don't think so, hopefully we can still agree that this dude looks pretty bad ass. There is also some magazine/manga type publication that Naddic is distributing to promote Closers. You can see the cover in the same photo.

    Even more recently on their Twitter feed (8/28) Naddic posted this:

    News coming soon? Did Seha finally have his father-son reunion with Squall? Did J leave the dang toilet seat up again? I don't want to speculate further, but now might be a good time to keep your eyes open for something like -cough- a beta announcement -cough-...

    That's all I got. Keep it real guys.


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    Re: Arro's Unofficial Official Announcements thread! (maybe)

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