New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing.

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    New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing. Empty New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing.

    Post by Falcoblaze on 6/21/2014, 8:49 pm

    Allow me to be the first to say this for every one who was probably thinking the same thing.... IT'S ABOUT DARN TIME!!!!

    After all this waiting and anticipation, Closers is almost ready to hit the MARKET! With the Closed beta starting August 1st, there is no better way to end the summer! The difference between the one happening now and the one in August is that NADDIC games did this one for local testing and NEXON is doing this for Global CBT, ( I could be wrong)

    This freaking awesome announcement is followed by a brand new teaser trailer showing off the new build of the game along with extra footage from the private FGT below. 

    According to a recent interview with Inven and Naddic Games (which I will post with nasty translation lol), the the 1st beta is planned this summer. But one of the unique features of Closers Online is the PvP based MOBA system that will keep players busy from time to time. To me it looks awesome but check it out the PvP game play for yourself below.

    Here is another one of the PvP system.

    The Interview and this is where the nasty translation comes in lol..

    CBT, prior to proceeding with case-hardened. 1: 00 Saturday, about 20 people, 18 days 'closure ' FGT is proceeds from NEXON.

    Nexon nadik to develop and service the Games' Closer Seasons "is a cartoon rendering MORPG side-scrolling action. Light Novel Writers 'ohteuseun' is full of personality involved in the actual scenario was armed against the backdrop of downtown Seoul, the world is also a feature of the design.

    'Closer's' grow out of character with the RPG mode and user mode can MOBA unfolding confrontation. Try the FGT could play all these modes. Tutorials RPG mode, starting from level 1 could see the character grow, MOBA mode with other players through gyeorwo had seen.

    FGT can be a lot of gameplay progression Own! Direction. About ten minutes after 50 minutes of play simple calendar with 10 minute breaks became a way of proceeding. Given every hour, even if you want to continue playing you could break. The user continues to play without brooding place I've been too.

    Depending on the tastes of testers 'Closer's' RPG mode, enjoying the way it is diverse. Carefully checking the various systems in the game, if the user story chaenggyeobo not miss the video of the user, to build a combo intensive fighting enjoy playing your favorite elements such as user focus salpin part in the game was not the case.

    RPG mode will enjoy it differed depending on personal preference, MOBA mode, the goal was the same both. Play the game to win in unison did focus on. Yieotgie type of confrontation between the two teams was clear winner. But smile at the winning team, the losing team did not miss the unfortunate expression.

    FGT to proceed at this time with 'Closer's' will take place in August of that CBT. Regret that for one brief moment, while waiting for CBT dalraejul 'Closer's' FGT videos and photos, prepared for the interview.

    [▲ 'Closer's "200 Combo Video]

    [▲ 'Closer's' MOBA mode play video]

    ■ The following is a 'closure's' FGT summary of interviews conducted in machine.

    [▲ From left gwakdoyoung AD, current geumtae PD]

    Q) To what extent is helpful in development?

    A) Depending on the point-of-service, where you can now play about 80% Own! Development.

    Q) MOBA mode to play mode as well as make other plans?

    A) MOBA mode still does not envision anything other than.

    Q) in the middle part of the voice recording was not. Later added to the plan?

    A) is created that particular quest decided whether to use the Quest after the voice recording in process. Now I can not get the part because of the voice recording, one empty, is filled with plans.

    Q) game atmosphere is very bright.

    A) I intentionally brighten game. Later, even when the background is dark and heavy going from the start and did not want dark expression.

    Q) representation of reality, wondering why the background.

    'Harry Potter' movies such as the student is funny in real life I thought it had magical writing. Bakkwotdago any fantasy game you see is realistically the background.

    Q) 'Closer's' part of South Korea revealed aspects, then?

    A) 'Closer's' Villa appeared on stage to put a lot of factors that Korea's. 'm Also seems to signboards in Hangul. Korea than now Could've added more elements. Even if a character's background, not just a thinking character of Korea.

    Q) 2 What is the primary driving force behind creative work coming out of this do you think?

    A) CBT creation before proceeding to the second game came out 'Closer's' are in addition. The first creative work coming out of the second game is a joke, which is not successful, I think that it should be careful (laughs).

    In addition users can participate in the game think you want to do something. "Closer," which, because it has elements that are created and the second creation, I think. I would like to try the limits of character content. Raise their game when playing a character there's the kind of people who like growth. Creative work coming out of the second reason is because one of the characters, I think that people like.

    Q) When you create a character specifically care about the part I'm wondering if at some point.

    A) should remain easy to remember when I saw the character and I think that the trace also be relaxed. Strong impression on the mind of any character remains, you can draw easy to follow. If you need more complex than the design found difficult to recreate. Compared to other games 'Closer's' side, but the design is simple and unpretentious, so that you can recreate the user is trying to create.

    Q) is a character with a unique personality will emerge

    A) 6 tikhan 번째 character string starting Twisted Twisted enthusiasts available. Inside I'm working with a writer motivated.

    Q) to play games haeboni 'Closer's' invisible action seems to be unique.

    A) 'Closer Seasons' is characterized by a wide variety of skills that can be combined as required. Maybe the early low-skill service yiraseo 'Closer's' Did not you think, to feel only the action. "Closer," which is a new action seeking skills and skills to continue existing as many skills, including the skill chain combo'm writing action. It is not just the single-player is that the multiplayer. 'Closer's' too much of the action, there is no reason to look gorgeous in multiplayer that can reduce the problem's cause. Can be avoided and a very strong production. Hageodeunyo is important as the single-player multiplayer.

    Q) can be destroyed when the object is was uncomfortable.

    A) After the destruction of the object is entered for the game rather plain better. When a map that did not have this empty feeling was expecting a flat is received. As things are broken when attacking the comments point I think I was there. Of course, I've heard opinion that the object is disturbed. How do you play the game as much as possible not to interfere effectively keep wondering whether it can be placed.

    Q) Can a character in costume there are many downed site. Thinking about what costume is this?

    A) I'm going to make a variety of. Maybe it is a realistic gym. In line with the game world, or even create a virtual costume idea. Eopgoyo miss the Christmas Avatar. Play a variety of services that want to see'll LLC. Costumes from the user step by step you make is going to go.

    Q) 1 car when CBT is progress plan?

    A) 8 월 plan to proceed.

    Q) Finally, I want to talk to the user and then?

    A) We prepared hard. I think the story of the game as a result. "Closer," which like the face I hope for once I'd play it.

    That about wraps it up over here, but my last question is.. Are you guys ready to join the Blacklambs Union?!?!!

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    New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing. Empty Re: New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing.

    Post by woahevil1 on 6/24/2014, 9:33 am

    That google translate Wink. Though im already hyped, my body is ready. However i want to draw your attention to something in the interview that looked very interesting:

    New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing. 20140621215109_3097

    As you can see to the left is the members list. Not only has it got the black lamb union, but also 10!!! other characters to choose from. Now im guessing the ???? group is the 2nd team that is going to be released for open beta, but the other group has taken me surprised. Maybe we will be able to play as the aliens??? Who knows?? However this has been stated to be only playable for the MOBA, but one can dream right?

    EDIT: (Looks like the image got deleted?, so this will make no sense now hahah, but it was an image of a character select, with the 5 black lamb unions members, but also 10 other characters)

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    WELL, somehow people here seem to know me... Its very very weird

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    New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing. Empty Re: New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing.

    Post by woahevil1 on 6/25/2014, 1:45 am

    Also this blog post shows you a bit about the abilities and the customization of your character in terms of stats:

    WELL, somehow people here seem to know me... Its very very weird

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    New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing. Empty Re: New 2014 Gameplay footage and August Closed Beta testing.

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