Black Lambs UNION - Forum and Chat Rules

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    Black Lambs UNION - Forum and Chat Rules

    Post by Firearmed on 12/10/2014, 3:05 pm

    Forum and Chat Rules for Black Lambs UNION
    There are three type of rules in BLU:

    Type – A Rules

    1. Spamming: The posting of either an extremity short post or irrelevant post, in a Topic.

    2. Necro-posting is not allowed. This means posting in a topic that has long since been dead or is no longer needed or provides inaccurate information.

    3. Advertising is not allowed in Black Lambs UNION. It is not allowed on our forum,or chat box. Do not do it without permission or affiliation with BLU. Unless you are speaking about the CLOSERS Online website and information including it, you are only allowed to speak of other subjects in the off-topic section of the forum.

    4. Do not post right after your own post, unless you are simply bumping the topic, or updating with new information on your topic, but you cannot continuously bump in a short period of time.

    5. Posting with the intent of singling out members for offensive marks. This includes racism, jealousy, or simply being disrespectful to the person due to their difference or talent. 

    6. Undermining the UNION, people are appointed UNION members for a reason, if they ask you to stop something or warn you about a matter, please respect their warning and leave the case at that, if you wish to question them further send them a PM about the problem.

    7. Mini-Moderating - There are Black Lambs and UNION members in Black Lambs UNION for a reason, let them do their work instead of trying to do it for them.

    Breaking of any these rules once will lead to a UNION or Black Lamb removing any evidence of the matter (including posts/topic) that contains the broken rule in it and giving the offender a warning via PM. Repeatedly intentional breaking of the rules will result in a ban.

    Type – B Rules

    1. Using offensive language or swearing to insult,or hurt someone (i.e: Flaming, raging, non-ending arguments).

    2. Sexual, racial or any sort of harassment will not be tolerated in the forum or chat.

    3. Only post articles including information about the CLOSERS game or any game/anime listed in the Off-Topic section. Credit the maker, also link the source.

    4. Attempting to dodge the censors placed in the Chatango repeatedly and intentionally. 

    Breaking of any of these rules will result in an immediate warning from a Moderator or Administrator. Excessive breaking of these rules at any given time can result in a more serious punishment.

    Type – C Rules

    1. Attempting hack Black Lambs UNION.

    2. Attempting to spread bad reputation and forcing members to leave Black Lambs UNION intentionally.

    3. Hacking any account belonging to a BLU member, Black Lamb, or UNION.

    4. Attempting to introduce or commit spamming and malicious websites or software to BLU to spread a virus.

    5. Scamming a member to give you their credit cards, and if reported, will be perm-banned due to fraud.

    6. Copyright infringement on any article originally made on or from Black Lambs UNION or about CLOSERS Online.

    7. Posting Sexual and or pornographic content in the forum or Chatango.

    8. Creating a secondary clone account to avoid a ban, or identification, you hold only and only one account. Clone will be deleted and you will be banned or perm-banned.

    Breaking any of these rules will result in a permanent Ban from BLU, account, IP address and Email will be banned forever.

    Just remember to have fun here and get along with the other members. We're hoping that CLOSERS becomes a great success and we can build up an awesome community!

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