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    Yuri Seo - Ranger - Character BIO Empty Yuri Seo - Ranger - Character BIO

    Post by Renja on 1/21/2013, 8:09 pm

    RANGER - Yuri Seo

    Yuri Seo - Ranger - Character BIO RANGER

    Yuri was a pretty normal kid, growing up in a pretty average household - at least until she found out she had the makings of a CLOSER around the age of 15. This was quite unusual - the signs usually show up at a much earlier age. But even before Yuri's topological power manifested, she had been a national Kendo champion, trouncing the competition with her skills. Her physical acumen overshadows anyone else her age, which got her noticed and earned her spot in the Black Lambs project.

    Unlike other members from the squad, who have been honing their skills from an early age, Yuri is still having trouble putting her abilities to use. As a result she flights with the aid of a specially designed protector and various firearms while she keeps progressing through her topological tests.

    She's a cheerful and outgoing kid, and a little naive too. She signed up for the Black Lambs, convinced by promises that her work would land her a steady government job and that she wouldn't have to worry about ever going hungry.

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