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    J - Fighter - Character BIO Empty J - Fighter - Character BIO

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    J - Fighter - Character BIO FIGHTER

    The Black Lambs only accept minors, but J is an exception. He was sent by UNION to support the other members, and little is known of him but the fact that he was a CLOSER who fought in the Dimensional War.

    His real name and age remains as a mystery, though it is clear from the songs and the celebrities that he likes that he's at-least in his thirties.

    J's job is to take part in the fighting with the other members, and , in the event that something goes wrong, to take the lead and make sure that they all make it back home alive. He suffers from a number of conditions believed to be lingering injuries from the war, and he's a lot more frail than he looks.

    J is often seen taking vitamins and pills of uncertain identity, and he often complains about sore shoulders and coldness in his hands. The other Black Lambs are dying to know his real name and age, but no matter how hard they try, no one has been able to get that prized information.

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