CLOSERS Online Trailer Character Evaluation!


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    CLOSERS Online Trailer Character Evaluation!

    Post by Renja on 1/20/2013, 11:41 pm

    Hey guys, you've all watched the Closers Online Gameplay Trailer to see some really awesome stuff! But you've probably never thought of the features you just saw. So we will be using the Closers Online New Gameplay Trailer and break down everything we can notice from the trailer!

    First up, let's just say before we go on and you probably all now, Closers Online's producer is made by Naddic Games/ NK Studios.


    First off we see the caster ''Seulbi'' in the trailer.

    We can start by saying her weapons are wielded dual knives with, using her powers, can extend magically or by chains, I'm not sure as they are covered by blue-white motion lines.

    The featured Seulbi is level 1 but probably in a dev console, as she has a lot of skills on, except if you get all these skills from level 1, which would be cool but makes it a bit too easy for the newbies.

    Seulbi is also great for short to long-ranged attacks and can make a striking huge combo using her extendable dual daggers.

    This is the first stage you play on, and later in the trailer you see it is finely detailed and fully 3D, this could be a normal street in New Seoul which could mean this street is off-limits due to an attack from the dimensional monsters. The environment of the game is a fully 3D sidescroller adventure, you can go left, right, front, downwards, in the environment.

    Here you get to see an awesome screenshot of Seulbi grabbing out of nowhere from a portal a huge red bus smacking her enemies to ashes! That's right, you might be dropping your jaws or even LOLing, but you wonder where the **** this bus came from?! That's right, Caster stands for it's name. Her skills are mainly magic-type skills and she can ''cast'' items, and summon things, like a huge red bus!


    Off to the next bit! This is as you can see the Ranger, ''Yuri'' . Her weapons are a mix of a combat katana and a pistol.

    Yuri specializes in close-to-medium range combat, she can also make tons of combos, and all her skills are based on
    physical combo attacks.


    This is the Fighter, ''J'' , he is the oldest member in the Black Lambs UNION in the game, his weapons are his own fists and feet.

    J is limited to complete CQC (Close-Quarters-Combat) and can pack a punch!


    This is the Striker, ''Seha'', and he wields a hybrid of a gun and a sword, also called gunblade!

    Seha's skills share a mix of physical and magical, his technique is also CQC and gunshots, but some of his skills are medium-to-long range.

    Alright, this sums up pretty much the characters from a user's view of the trailer. Now I have something a little bit to add extra.

    This is the character selection screen, this shows the Black Lambs UNION room with four characters in the player slot and 6 to have saved.

    This is endgame, you're giving a rank based on how well your finish time was, your defense, and your technic. I'm thinking defense depends on the amount of damage you took, and technic is on how you used combos, and how well did you use them, did you use the same combos or became a pro and boss-spammed different cool combos and made huge combos.

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    Re: CLOSERS Online Trailer Character Evaluation!

    Post by Base on 1/21/2013, 1:52 am

    well done renja *claps*

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    Re: CLOSERS Online Trailer Character Evaluation!

    Post by Blueberry on 1/21/2013, 3:06 pm

    Nice little breakdown of the trailer. gj ;]

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    Re: CLOSERS Online Trailer Character Evaluation!

    Post by DuZo on 1/23/2013, 2:25 pm

    The trailers are really awesome. I watched all of them like 10 times already and i'm still super excited. xD
    I'm in love with yuri Smile

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    Re: CLOSERS Online Trailer Character Evaluation!

    Post by iSeraph on 1/29/2013, 8:22 pm

    I see that there is some fan-service in the results screen for girls xD I wonder what that extra block of text is in that EXP thing. Looks like Elsword's but there is 1 extra one. Also, It seems like they could add 2 more characters in the selection screen since there are 2 seats in the top right of the table.

    PS. Yuri eating ramen in the selection screen is just epic right there.


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    Re: CLOSERS Online Trailer Character Evaluation!

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