Hello i'm new and looking for some assistance.


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    Hello i'm new and looking for some assistance.

    Post by GreenTails on 4/3/2013, 8:26 pm

    I don't have a skype but i do play elsword if thats ok. My name is Greentails24

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    Re: Hello i'm new and looking for some assistance.

    Post by Kei on 4/4/2013, 3:08 am

    Welcome to the forum!
    (What else can I say?!)


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    Re: Hello i'm new and looking for some assistance.

    Post by darkwerwolf on 4/4/2013, 1:07 pm

    Hello and welcome, if you want to chat you should leave your skype name and you will be added to our Closers Chat Grop (or whatever its called xD)
    enjoy your stay Razz


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    Re: Hello i'm new and looking for some assistance.

    Post by Arro on 4/4/2013, 6:01 pm

    GreenTails wrote:Hello i just started yesterday and this is my first time every joining a forum i was just wondering if i could meet some people to chat to because i don't know what i'm doing. ^_^

    My my you've peaked my interest.
    New to forums in general? And you pick this community as your starting huh?

    I take that as very good news, it seems to me that you've taken a great interest in Closers Online, great enough to break pass any regretful feelings and hesitations on becoming a part of a new community.
    That's great, very very good news, a Congrats on your accomplishment is in order!!
    I shall bake you a cake~

    I feel I should include a number of things jokes aside.
    We're a pretty good community, but in some sense we are all new faces to each other just like you.
    No one's here to be an arsehole(unless you catch me on an off day) so feel free to post on any of the topics on the forum.
    Check around for anything that interests you or anything you might have an opinion or comment about and post it up.
    Usually they just mean for you to not be rude or abusive or a pest to others and keep it PG, but here are some rules to abide by if you didn't check.

    (Honestly just be a good pedestrian, and no funny business or advertisements)

    A few tips though to stay on everyone's good side.
    Only post something under the Topic/Sub-Forum regarding to whatever you are posting.
    Seeing as we only have a number of topics at the moment until further development progresses, news relevant enough, or the Administrator of the site just plain feels for more sections being needed, you shouldn't have that problem to begin with.
    (In short, don't talk about your neighbor's dog on forums devoted to a class's forum.)

    Another pet-peeve that goes for forum posting is double posts.

    DON'T. DO. IT.

    It's really not that big a deal but try to avoid posting after yourself. Usually the ''edit'' option is enough to correct or include any information you wanted to change in your original post(s).
    (Double posts are annoying)
    Above all,
    The Most important rule to posting on forums, one that I promise you if you break I will make certain that you are removed from the site and your IP address banned preventing you from ever returning again!!!
    Have fun!!! Very Happy

    Seriously dude we're all here for the same reason you are. We're all on the same boat to the release of Closers online so might as well enjoy the company~

    If you have any questions about the site or about well , forums in general, just leave a post here or somewhere or try and contact any of the active members on the site.
    I'll be happy to assist you in anyway I can.
    Don't worry about that banning crap by the way, i'm just a normal member, I have no real privileges. Lol

    Welcome to the group by the by! ^-^

    We're uhh...
    Still working on the cake... He-he... uhh...
    ( ~ _ ~; )
    ~edits yo~
    Oh hay I forgot to mention it'd be awesome if you dropped your skype name by if you have one.
    We usually play a lot of other games together (or have the ability to) with it.
    Now! back to makin' that cake !

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    Re: Hello i'm new and looking for some assistance.

    Post by Reia on 4/21/2013, 1:27 pm

    Welcome to the forums, I'm Reia! And it's okay if you don't have skype, it's not like you're missing much :3

    Holy Geez Arro, there's already a set of rules explained when you register...

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    Re: Hello i'm new and looking for some assistance.

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