Hello there!

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    Hello there!

    Post by Mikaela on 5/4/2013, 12:28 pm

    Hi! My name is Mikaela! I know I shouldn't use my real name in-game, but... Meh~

    I am 99% new to here- I just joined 5 minutes or so ago, and am absolutely loving this place already! I'm kinda happy that this isn't that crowded yet, but I kind of can't wait till it is! Anyways! I actually found this place from DeviantArt, I was looking up Sword Art Online, and... POOF! Found this place!

    I absolutely love anime and video games, and I also do some YouTube voice acting! So if you enjoy any of those things, i'm sure we can become pretty good aquantinces! If you ever are bored, you can just shoot me a PM, or even Skype me! I'm sort of bored all the time- sooo~ Yeah!

    I look forward with getting to know you all!


    -Mikaela (Skype: Mikaela.Rabe)
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    Re: Hello there!

    Post by Arro on 5/4/2013, 3:58 pm

    Welcome to the site Mikaela!

    We're kinda similar, we both randomly found this site through DeviantArt, lol
    I assume you are into art if you found it through there yes? Or even better do you make some?!

    That and i'd also be interested in seeing your voice acting at work!

    You've joined a site that'd filled with video game and especially anime fans alike, so I am sure you will make many friends here.
    We are all here for the same interest, and I hope many of us will play together once Closers Online has released.

    Again Welcome to Black Lambs Union!
    If you have any questions feel free to let us know, we will help out the best we can!

    (Also I will make sure to add you to Skype and to our chat group!)


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    Post by Kirolafe on 5/31/2013, 10:07 am

    We already met but hey it's Kiro! So that makes three of us who found CLOSERS through deviantart, cool.

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    Re: Hello there!

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