After some translating...

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    After some translating...

    Post by Arro on 1/26/2013, 11:52 pm

    I decided to go ahead and just google translate the heck out of this page for anything someone might have missed.
    A few things to note are

    * Test to begin in 2013.
    * Beta scheduled for 2014.
    * Mentioning of 80 Frames. (Not sure if they mean 80 FPS or just the name of a company... 80FPS <3)
    * Caster using Rocket Launchers and Environment? (Could just be how they interpret that fire pillar launch skill we've seen her use in trailers, but hay thought it was worth mentioning.)
    * Z,X,C commands. (Yea like Elsword but that was expected.)
    * PvP ideas from DOTA?

    That's about all I got, kinda skimmed through it.
    Everything else mentioned seemed like things we were all already well aware of, but I might have missed a thing or two.
    Check it out if you feel like it.

    Uhh... Well I just checked but Renja already beat me to a lot... Of these points in the ''Update from Steparu'' topic under the Announcements forum...
    I wasn't aware of that til minutes after I made this soo yea Credits to Renja!!
    Still check out the site if you're curious :p


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